Wairarapa Based Hyrdo-Jet Drain Clearing

Drains Blocked?

Based in the Wairarapa, Adam from Drain Clearing Solutions has you sorted!

Specialising in Hydro-Jetting, a process harnessing both high pressure and large water volume, we tackle blockages swiftly and thoroughly. This unique combination ensures a clean, safe, and speedy drain clearing experience.

At Drain Clearing Solutions we excel in handling sewer and storm water blockages, offering preventative maintenance cleanouts, and conducting detailed CCTV inspections for a comprehensive drain care approach. We recommend a 12 monthly check up to ensure your drains are functioning as designed.


Storm Water



What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-Jetting is a process where both high pressure and a high volume of water are pumped through a flexible hose into a drain system to clear blockages.

We often consider that total overall pressure (measured in psi) is the key, however, an often overlooked component is the amount of water (volume, measured in litres per minute) that needs to be moved in order to cut through blockages.

This combination of pressure, volume and specialized jetting nozzles makes hydro-jetting the quickest, cleanest, and safest method for drain clearing.

Hydro-jetting is the best option for virtually all drain blockages, which commonly consist of plant roots, silt, fatty deposits, soap, wipes, along with other foreign debris that often finds its way into the sewer and stormwater systems.